P’lovers Book Club: The Urban Food Revolution

By Peter Ladner – $18.95

The Urban Food Revolution

This book is full of both fascinating facts and figures and inspiring examples of how people are trying to change the way we feed cities. Some issues covered by the author have been written about before – such as (a) the decline of fish stock in our oceans; (b) the huge amount of money spent on carbonated beverages ($12 billion was spent on carbonated beverages in American supermarkets last year!); (c) how difficult it is for inner city neighbourhoods stores to supply fruits and vegetables at all, let alone ones produced locally; (d) the perils of soil erosion and water shortages; (e) peak oil and carbon pricing; and (f) shortages of people willing to be farmers in a world largely controlled by large corporations.

Even though all of these topics can be hugely depressing, Ladner fins a way, through balanced reflection and writing, to show us what is already possible in terms of producing health food locally.  From the streets of downtown Detroit to the community gardens of Montreal, we see ways individuals and groups of citizens and urban leaders are addressing the issues of food security and the means to make changes for the better in our food productions and availability.

A lot of the book is about planning cities, but planning isn’t just for professional planners. We all contribute by the choices we make every day: how we get to work, where we live, what we are willing to pay for water and what food we choose to eat and grow.  This is a valuable book, with lots of information we can use to help us see how our choices matter and how we can contribute to changing the way we feed ourselves and our urban dwellers.

P’lovers’ next Book Club Meeting is on Monday, March 26, at 6 PM.
The book is ‘Wildlife Heroes’.


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