P’lovers Book Club: Keeping the Bees

by Laurence Packer – $17.99

Keeping the Bees by Laurence Packer

The first thing that knocks one over the head about this book is “So many bees!!!” Who knew there are seven bee families and almost sixty species of bees between these seven bee families!

Anyone interested in the world’s eco-system and bees’ place in the eco-system would find Packer’s, “Keeping the Bees”, fascinating, detailed and informative. He takes the reader from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia to Australia, Europe, Central America and the United States, giving the reader in depth information on the lives of the different species in their different geological habitats.

With the essential role bees play in the eco-system, the decline of bees is a warning sign that bad things are going on in the environment. Bees are necessary both in providing a food source (honey) and as pollinators. We should be aware that without bees many of our food sources would collapse. One of the key problems that affect bees negatively is the worldwide use of pesticides; it has been shown to have the effect of decimating the bee population.

We all need to do our part in reversing the threatened life span of the bees. Packer recommends the following:

  • Do not use pesticides
  • Encourage bee friendly practices at all government levels.
  • Buy local and organic food whenever possible.
  • Make neighbourhood habitats bee friendly…walk on the grass to make friendly nesting places and grow raspberries and other pithy stemmed plants thus encouraging bees to make their homes.

Analytical and detailed, “Keeping the Bees” is a book which gives readers reason to pause and think about how these tiny insects contribute to our world.

Next meeting is on Monday, August 29 and the book is A Year of Living Generously.


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